Replacing a Jinhao 159 Nib with a Goulet Pen Company 1.1mm Stub (Video)


For video number two I decided to show you something I received in the mail today. I ordered a 1.1mm Stub nib from the Goulet Pen Company. This video shows you how to replace the nib and why I decided to replace it.

  • Xristos Katselos

    i used an EF nib for me. I think that i will replace it with a 1.1 stub now

  • PapaChuck

    I have a 159 and could not pull the feed/nib assembly off. Any ideas??

    • How much experience do you have removing friction feeds? If you haven’t done it much it may just be that you aren’t pulling hard enough. I was weary of pulling to hard when I first started.

      It could also be that it is gummed up with dry ink. I’d flush it a good bit and maybe let it sit overnight in water to see if that loosens it up.